Ocean Acidification

The Other CO2 Problem

What is at rick?

What's At RiskNearly a year ago, the Natural Resources Defense Council contracted with Charting Nature to use our stock fish illustrations in their brochures about ocean acidification. Ocean acidification describes the ongoing decrease in our ocean’s pH levels caused by high CO2 levels in our atmosphere. When the ocean’s pH decreases, this prevents marine calcifying organisms like plankton and coral from producing the calcium they need to remain healthy, threatening ocean food chains.

NRDC, one of the world’s largest environmental action groups, is campaigning to build awareness of the threat ocean acidification presents. They used many of our stock fish images and custom illustrations created by artist Brenda G. Gillespie to highlight the problem in a series of videos and brochures.

Charting Nature is proud to support an organization dedicated to safeguarding our planet’s great asset—its natural resources.

Learn more about ocean acidification on the Natural Resources Defense Council website here.